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Pilot watches

Within the sports watches category, Ormoda offers a sophisticated selection of the best pilot watches. Pilot watches often fall under functional watches for people looking for more than just a nice accessory behind such a piece of jewelry. Classic pilot watches fit a number of features that make such watches special and eccentric. You will often see elements such as a larger-sized dial with clearly readable numbers, an arrow or triangle marking at the 12 and a sturdy strap reflected in the design. A GMT function or chronograph with tachymeter, compass, world timer and altimeter are other options you can choose from when picking a luxury pilot's watch. There are plenty of reasons to choose a pilot's watch, either the often sporty and exclusive design or the build quality that is resistant to huge G-forces encountered while flying. Despite the robustness and functionality, luxury pilot's watches are also stylish and elegant due to the use of materials and a highly refined design. For example, a citizen pilot watch is a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, pilot or not.

Ormoda’s extensive collection

Check Ormoda's webshop for the finest and best-priced watches. Choose a steel band or a solid high-quality leather pilot watch strap for a classic look. Choose affordable pilot watches from Casio, elegant pilot watches from Seiko and professional technology from Bulova. The watches used in aviation always demanded a slightly larger size to be clearly readable at a glance. Even in the dark, the watches are perfectly legible. Fortunately, the design does not suffer from the functional benefits of these sporty watches. At Ormoda, we offer a perfect balance of functionality and design to give you the best of both worlds. So with a multifunctional watch like this, you can never go wrong. Aviation watches offer functions that can be used while flying, playing sports or just for the rugged look of the industrial aviation world. Today, the ruggedness of these watches expresses itself in an elegant form through highly refined leather and steel. A pilot's watch belongs in every collection of a true watch lover. Visit our webshop soon to expand your collection with this must-have. 

Advice from experts to help you choose

Because choosing the right watch is always a complicated process, Ormoda offers professional advice to make your choice as easy as possible. Especially with pilot watches where the balance between design and functionality should be key, you can surely use the help of our experts. Check out our webshop to admire the huge selection we offer. Whether you are looking for a Seiko pilot watch or a Bulova lunar pilot watch, Ormoda offers the best advice and collections. Added to this are Ormoda's competitive prices, which we also apply to the major brands to give you the most pleasant shopping experience possible. In addition to guaranteeing the best prices, we have a 30-day return policy if you change your mind about your purchase.