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Bulova Collection

Joseph Bulova opened in 1875 his first official store in Queens, New York City. Though it was not a grand opening, the premium quality timepieces attracted people from various states. Later in 1923, J. Bulova company transformed into Bulova watch Company. The secret to Bulova's exponential growth was its craftsmanship and personal touch in every product.

Its gradual demand and experiments ended up making the most advanced electronic Watches. Being a part of the 46 NASA mission, Bulova proved that it was the best brand. Scott wore the Bulova Chronograph Model #88510/01 during his moonwalk.

In 2009 its Accutron watch got sky-high sales. Breaking its own record, the brand launches its new Precisionist watch with an ultimate accuracy of ±10 sec per year.
Under the shadow of Citizen, following its trend of innovation, the brand launches its first curved chronographic watches. This iconic move, once again, proves that Bulova is always one step ahead in the watch business. It's not wrong if we say Bulova’s motto is: innovation and craftsmanship.

About Bulova Watches

Bulova offers their services in every country of the world. From PU leather to gold, you can buy any kind of elegant watch for every different style statements.
Keeping the latest trends in mind, the brand offers almost every color in leather straps. Pure Quartz and Stainless steel are used to uplift the quality standards. Different colors like Black, Gold, Silver, Gunmetal, and Aqua are available.


For men and women, both Bulova offers unlimited variants. Classic, Curv, Futuro, Crystal, Chronography C, Grammy, Lunar Pilot, Precisionist, Marine Star, Frank Lloyd wright Latin Grammy and Harley Davidson are the main ones.

One particular edition, to represent women's famine nature, is also introduced by the name "Rubaiyat." Its also because it was the first Bulova women wristwatch in 1917.
Innovations never stop, neither does Bulova. Its Computron series is excellent proof. Till now, there is only one variant available in the market with three different colors; Golden, Silver, and Black. The best thing about this watch is that it's digital.

Regatta is a 60s series watch from 1960. They are now being reintroduced by Bulova in two styles. The chosen color is silver. The unique thing about this watch is its crown at two o clock. It provides a perfect combo of antique and modern. Both of the variants have an automatic Miyota system.

Briefly, if you need a standard timeless classic watch or if you want to hop on the latest trends; Bulova has everything on the table. From rose gold to black, Bulova offers almost every shade possible.